“Learning tajweed from Sr. Saima was one of the greatest experiences I have been blessed with in my life. She has a unique style of teaching the rules of recitation of the Qur’an, while instilling a deep love and appreciation for it as well. She pushes one to excel and work their hardest to reach their fullest potential in this science. To have a tajweed teacher with the zeal and passion that she does for the Qur’an- and more importantly, teaching it- is truly a blessing that a seeker of the knowledge of tajweed should not pass by.”

– Mubeen, PA, USA

Ustadha Saima was a fantastic teacher all around.  She was well trained as shown not just through her ijazas (not sure what plural is) but also through her actual recitation and ability to teach.  Her sharp ear caught the smallest of errors and why the error was occurring. Her passion for the Quran was evident in her patience with each of us as we were learning.  She can teach students at all levels with the firmness balanced with compassion that we all yearn for as we strive in learning the Quran.  

-Shazia, Virginia, USA

I’ve studied with Sister Saima for about 2 years mostly online and in person as well. Her amazing teaching style coupled with her gentle yet firm character keeps you completely focused. I can easily say studying with her was a life changing experience for me. Her enthusiasm for tajweed is highly contagious. I came to her with an ordinary recitation and she patiently listened and corrected my mistakes all the way until the last day. She had quizzes and worksheets throughout to make sure we understood the concepts correctly. Alhamdulillah I’m very thankful to Allah swt. for letting me experience the love of His Book through her.

-Rihab, Dammam, KSA